My Day Behind the Scenes

The day when you get your fudge is so exciting, whether you’re trying a new flavor, digging into your longtime favorite, or trying it for the first time; it can brighten any day. Everyone that has had an experience with simply impeccable fudge gets to experience that first bite excitement, but something not everyone gets the chance to be a part of is the actual making of the fudge. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of helping out and witnessing the behind the scenes magic of simply impeccable fudge. 

When Laura asked me if I wanted to come help out making some fudge my quick and obvious answer was yes. I was so excited to see exactly what went into making all of her incredible fudge. As the day got closer I began to imagine what my experience would be like. I figured it would involve a lot of preparation, and waiting time for the fudge to set, but also a lot of delicious smells. 

I was definitely right about the amazing aroma that baking created throughout the kitchen. Between the coffee smell of the cappuccino fudge, to the velvety caramels, we were overwhelmed with sweet delicious flavors surrounding us. I was surprised, however, by how many different tasks there were to do in creating fudge. We did more traditional tasks such as melting butter and chocolate, as well as a few that I hadn’t expected, like smashing coffee beans and sandwich cookies. 

During my time making fudge with Laura I was able to see how simple some aspects of the process are, but how incredibly specific and time sensitive others are. I was tasked with actually mixing all of the ingredients together over the heat, which was an absolute arm workout! Making sure the fudge is the right consistency requires the perfect temperature and time combination, and once you reach the sweet spot it gets your muscles working like never before. Between the meticulous details about consistency and the more flexible and fun moments like mashing toppings, there was never a dull moment while creating the delicious fudge that Laura provides to all of her loyal customers! 

After a long and incredible day of making fudge, I also felt like I won the lottery by taking home nearly 5 tupperwares full of all different flavors! Not only did it all taste delicious, but knowing all of the passion and love that goes into the process behind the scenes made me appreciate it that much more. I hope this post gives you some insight into what goes on before you sit down to enjoy your simply impeccable fudge, and allows you to love it even more just the way I did.

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